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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Advice on Consulting Careers from Gary Filipp, '14

Majors!  Gary Filipp, a 2014 graduate of the history department and a current consultant at Boston Consulting Group, has offered to help students who are interested in consulting learn more about BCG and prepare for the fall 2017 interview season.  BCG is a global firm that works across a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to!) energy & environment, education, and media & entertainment.  The company has an online survey for students to receive notifications and employee perspectives:

Gary is offering more specific advice for current sophomores and juniors who want to learn more about the company and/or prepare for Fall 2017 recruitment.  BCG's recruitment timeline is below: 

·         Applications end in September 2017
·         Interviews and offers end in October 2017
·         Job starts between July and September 2018 (for most grads)

In short, start NOW and you could have your first job in-hand by October!  Please email Christina for Gary’s contact information.  

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