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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Student Internships with Morgridge Center (2017-2018)

The Morgridge Center for Public Service is currently hiring undergraduate student interns for the 2017-18 academic year!
All positions pay $10/ hour and require a commitment of between ~10 hours per week. Intern applications are due March 12. Students interested in applying for multiple positions should complete the individual application materials for each position.
Position descriptions are below the cut.  
Badger Volunteers Community Development Intern -- This intern will plan Badger Volunteers (BV) events and socials, coordinate BV recruitment throughout the semester and generate social media content in order to promote BV spirit, culture and community. 
Badger Volunteers Operations Intern -- The Badger Volunteers (BV) Operations Intern will perform tasks essential to the overall process of Badger Volunteers programming. In addition to day-to-day tasks, this intern will train the BV Executive Board how to facilitate orientations as well as coordinate a small committee of students (Newsletter Committee) to send the BV Newsletter. 
Campus Outreach Intern -- The Campus Outreach Intern’s main responsibilities include conducting outreach presentations to students, faculty, student organizations, University Housing and Greek Life, and attending relevant campus events throughout the academic year that promote the Morgridge Center’s programs, events, and services. 
Community-based Learning Intern -- Community-based Learning Interns support UW-Madison courses that incorporate meaningful community service into course content. Interns will work with instructors, students and community partners. 
Community Outreach Intern -- The Community Outreach Intern serves as the Morgridge Center’s link between the community and the campus. This intern works to support and strengthen current partnerships with community organizations. 
Marketing Intern -- The Marketing Intern plays in integral role in helping the Morgridge Center reach our audiences by facilitating promotion, marketing and the development of outreach materials. 
Peer Advisor -- The Peer Advisors play an important role in the Morgridge Center for Public Service by providing one-on-one volunteer advising and outreach to individual students interested in engaging with the community. 
Special Events Intern -- The Special Events Intern's main responsibility is supporting the work of the Assistant Director of Civic Engagement by helping plan and implement Morgridge Center for Public Service events, programs and ceremonies. 

Please send any questions to Megan Miller,

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